Our Mission Statement

As the proven choice for qualifying private educational institutions, CARES collaboratively focuses on innovative, quality benefit choices, actively managing costs, and sustained, superior service.

Who We Serve

Any institution that is a member of and in good standing with the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas, Inc.


Over the years, benefits have become a bigger and bigger part of what makes a job opportunity attractive. At the same time, the task of providing quality employee benefits has grown more complex and expensive. The laws and regulations governing benefits plans change constantly. And while medical outcomes are more positive than ever, medical care is more expensive than ever.

Healthcare costs have grown 4x over wages since 1999.

Great news!

♦   Through ICUT, permissibly has already been established for private colleges and universities in the state of Texas

♦   Helps select colleges and universities pool resources through tax-advantage VEBA trust

♦   Enables collective group to accumulate reserves during favorable claim years in tax-exempt manner

Organization Details

625 Employees / 1,100 total members

Governed by a board of directors

Two board members representing each institution

Member Schools:

Austin College

University of Dallas

Board of Directors

President: Keith Larey, Chief Human Resources Officer, Austin College

Vice President: Richard Huntley, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources, University Dallas

Secretary: Melanie Oelfke, Director of Wellbeing and Human Resources, Austin College

Treasurer: Leonard Robertson, Director Finance, University of Dallas