A major benefit of a multi-employer consortium is the ability to leverage economies of scale and have more predictable costs.  CARES brings best-in-class vendors and negotiates the best rates possible by leveraging our total population.  Plus, our team of consultants and actuaries help set and track budget based on you needs.  CARES brings together the affordability of self funding with the predictability of being fully insured with all the tools you need to support you along the way.


Over the past two years CARES has grown from a health care provider to a one stop shop for all of your benefits and administration needs.  Through CARES you can connect to powerful tools including the Bswift administration platform, help desk and call center support, legal resources, telemedicine and wellbeing programs.  We even take care of consolidated billing and reporting.


Each member of CARES has a unique culture and idea of interventions that will best resonate with your population.  Our team is constantly evaluation best in class resources.  Our member schools have taken advantage of onsite biometric screenings, a personal healthcare concierge cost and quality transparency that will even pay your people for shopping around and access to the country’s leading prediabetes and obesity program for employers.  It is all turn-key with available resources to enhance your communication and engagement efforts for the greatest participation and plan impact.


A key difference that sets CARES apart is the freedom to choose what’s best for your individual school’s culture.  We provide the framework but you choose YOUR Plan Design, Contribution Strategy and Programs.